About Pt. uday kumar mallick ______

Born in world famous tradition of Darbhanga Gharana known for Dhrupad & Pakhawaj Family Pt. Uday Kumar Mallick belong from 18th generations in his Dharbhanga Gharana.

His family background is around four hundred and fifty years rich tradition in India. Four hundreds and fifty years ago late Pt. Radha Krishna and Karta Ram Sharma was main pillar of the Dharbhanga Tradition. Whose attached by Swami Haridas and Tansen (Goharvani Dhrupad Gayaki Style)

Three Hundreds years ago, Great Pakhawaj player in his time Late Pt. Bhim Singh Mallick.

Many great musicians in part of his time in Dharbhanga Gharana like this.

Pt. Chittapal Mallick (Famous Dhrupad singer in his time) Pt. Rajit Ram Mallick (Great Gayak & Nayak) Pt. Beni Madhav Mallick (Renound Dhrupad Vocalist), Padmabhusan Pt. Ram Chatur Mallick, Padmashri Pt. Siyaram Tiwari, Pt. Chandra Kumar Mallick & Pt. Vidur Mallick.